Application for a Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse at Kings Delph Drove. Application No 12/01847/OU

Farcet Parish Council wishes to make the following additional comments:

National Planning Framework Policy 2012- The Government sets out in in paragraph 6 of the NPPF that the purpose of the planning system is to contribute to achieving sustainable development and that there are three dimensions to sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. The application fails to meet these.

The employment of only 6 people cannot be classed as an economical benefit to the community. There is no guarantee these jobs will be given to local people. The consumer and beneficiaries of the end product are stated as in the Midlands and London.

Traffic: The vehicular access to the site appears to lack any detail. A site that operates 24hours a day, 365 days a year would have more traffic movement than stated. The site is located in The Fens on a single track drove and there are no proper ‘passing places’ on this drove. Since the first submission of proposals in 2012 the condition of King’s Delph Drove has deteriorated with further subsidence and almost making the road unusable by the majority of road vehicles for fear of grounding your vehicle. Any increased HGV movement on this road as a result of any development will surely aggravate the situation and require costly Local Authority maintenance.
There is a strong possibility of increased traffic through Farcet and Yaxley which would offer a more direct route. Main Street, Farcet already struggles with the HGV and farm traffic using this road, given the amount of on street parking. This would provide adverse social and environment impact for the residents. This does not provide a social or environmental benefit for the residents of Farcet.

Odour: The Applicant’s Environmental Report confirms that the vast majority of Farcet will be affected by odour, this contradicts the REC ltd opinion that likely impact is ”considered not significant”. How can any odour which was described by REC as ‘moderately offence’, be classed as insignificant? The model used for determining this impact was based on SW winds, this does not take into account winds from other directions that would affect Farcet.

The development is still proposed to be constructed 50m from the nearest dwelling. The recommendation (from the Environment Agency and the Town and Country Planning General Development Order) is that the site should be 400m from the curtilage of residential premise. This is clearly not that case for this development site and is therefore extremely likely to become a nuisance neighbour to the existing local residents.
The development proposal does nothing to protect or enhance the existing natural environment.

The proposed development states the surface water runoff from this slaughterhouse to a connection to the local Board’s drain. There should be a condition to avoid any risk of seepage into the arable land and waterways adjacent.

Social Role – The policy states a development should support a ”strong, vibrant and healthy community…through accessible local services that reflect the community’s needs and support its health, social and cultural well-being”. This development fails to meet this criteria.