I have spoken to Gavin Sylvester at Hunts DC regarding the Poultry Farm planning application for an update.

At the moment there is no date timetabled to give a decision mainly due to some reports still needing to be looked at although I was assured that the decision will be made in the very near future.

A couple of updated yellow coloured site notices on the telegraph poles fronting the application site have just been displayed. The updated notices were necessary because the previous notices didn’t make it clear that the proposal did not accord with the development plan or that the Environmental Statement could be inspected at the Council’s offices and copies obtained at a charge from the applicant’s agent.

The need for these notices is purely a procedural matter and they are accompanied by a notice in the local press.  The application has not changed in any way.  The consideration of the application is not affected.  There is no need for anyone to re-submit their objections to the application.