Plan of priorities

Requirement Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Action Responsibility
Road marking roundels



New weight limit signs




White lines Cross St/St Mary’s



£200 each






Incl in LHI bid

Included in LHI application 9/18


Discuss with Police




Included in LHI application 9/18


Awaiting outcome of LHI application
Street lighting upgrade and contract ? Balfour Beatty are interested in providing a quotation. Clerk liaising to provide details of the lamps/ pole etc Clerk
Cemetery – Access problems

Pathways – raking, adding and compacting gravel, hedge renewal and full


Blue plaque Antares

Bench/Info board







£500 +£450 plus fixing

Contact Mumby

P.Council to formulate plan


Contact Stewart Howe


Ready for installation. Contact HDC for contractor


P Council






Play area – Church – ? Contact HDC re increasing extent.

Obtain costs for additional equipment

Play area –  Haddon Way ? Quantify extent of repairs and costs. Obtain costs for BMX track. Liz/Leigh/Joanne


On Hold

Storage shed Garden £300 Cleared
Garden hard landscaping and seating £6-7,000 Cleared
Decoration Main Hall and move logo £5,400 On Hold
Replace upper door panels with glass £500 Obtain quote for glass installation.


Strip tiles of paint


New doormat

Chair- installation

Friday 7th December 2018




Not needed

Replace lighting both rooms ?


Repaint loos

Refloor loos

General repairs




Repaint kitchen ? Cleared
Inspect Village Hall roof FOC Awaiting report Clerk
Repair external stonework at front £492 incl VAT Work allocated to contractor Clerk
Contingency running repairs To be decided
War memorial renovation £3612 incl VAT Investigate funding sources Clerk