Update on the B1095 Pondersbridge Whittlesey Rd Junction South of Peterborough.
I took this issue to the Road Safety Committee (Huntingdonshire) of which I am vice chair to see how we could look to find a resolution.
We invited officers from Cambs County, Hunts DC and Peterborough City Council. The newly elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire also attended the meeting. The outcome is that we had 3 options we tabled and one of them was looked upon very favourably by the Mayor. He assured us that money will be made available to address this major traffic crisis and a business case is now being prepared.
Once the flyover at Kings Dyke is completed then the road will be even worse.

The proposed 1000 home development at RAF Upwood site will also need to use that junction if commuting to Peterborough.

Hopefully we wont have to suffer for much longer.

I have also been informed that PCC are now going to apply to the Department of Transport for funding.